Gray Areas

The law and ethical behavior, correlate and on occasion, interchange

Religion and science appear to run in a similar vein

to hearts and minds, all lost and confused

Because people can’t figure out just what they should do.


I don’t know what to do.


And is it right to reject a person because of their race or color

Should I hate anyone who chooses a different type of lover?

Should I jail a starving child for stealing a loaf of bread

Or kill someone because I don’t like the bible they’ve read




Do I punish a wrong that serves the greater good

Or live according what someone else rules I should

Reject the God I’ve loved because I heard a big bang

Assume I’m always right because of the flag that I hang


And am I inferior because some far past grandma liked fruit

Or because I have cheap genes instead of an Armani suit

Is anyone hurt because I watch free movies online

Or because I downloaded my favorite song, just that one time


Like a physicist glaring into the eyes of infinity

How do I know if I’m right?

How can I tell if I’m wrong?


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