Down the rabbit hole!

I’m late! I’m late for a very important date! No time to say hello, goodbye! I’m late, I’m late, I’m late! ~ The white rabbit, Alice in Wonderland

Seemed like an apt quote lol.

I can’t believe it is NATIONAL BLOG POSTING MONTH (NaBloPoMo) again! And that I’m 10 days late on starting to participate. I’ve been struggling with my poetry for the last two weeks. I have ideas but I’ve been very unsatisfied with my results. Ugh! In my defense, I’ve been neck deep in accounting ledgers that make no sense to me. I’m sure I’ll get it sooner or later (hopefully sooner given the fact that I have finals this week */panicmode*). I love trying to participate in NaBlo and NaPo months though. I find it very motivational and even if my writing during these isn’t Robert Frost/William Shakespeare/Pablo Neruda level epic, I still get lots of ideas for later! Yay for ideas! And usually, I come across brilliant and amazing writers of all kinds to read. Yay for reading!

I think I’m going to write for a theme this year. Some of my friends and former classmates do a thing every November where everyday they post something they are thankful for.  Counting blessings is always a good thing for me, especially when I’m frustrated and overwhelmed with life.

Today, November 10, 2013, I am grateful for my very first laptop. I bought it because I was pregnant and having complications so I had to be on bed rest for two months. I am not a very physically active person but my mind is always going in a million different directions. Basically, if I’m not thinking about something I’m asleep lol. But that laptop led me to make this blog! So cheers to my laptop, gone but not forgotten. 🙂

Are you grateful for anything today?


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