Soapbox: Vol. 4 – On current events

The news hurts my heart these days. Of course, one could argue that the news has been depressing for a long time, if not always. But as a mother, I look at my daughters and can’t even process the idea of sending them off to school one day and finding out they’ll never come home again. Words are not enough for that pain. So here I am, on my soapbox again.

As the president mentioned in his address after the shooting, we need to start having some serious conversations about what we as a country need to improve. And it’s not as simple as gun laws. Criminals don’t give a rat’s ass about any law. It’s not as simple as school security. We’ve been funneling money away from schools so long, some schools can’t afford books or teachers so how can they afford trained security?

We need to address mental illness. This link goes to a post by Liza Long. She talks about her son who is mentally ill. I found it interesting. How many families need help that they aren’t getting?

and we need to address our children themselves.

We need to teach them how to cope. We need to teach them how to deal when life isn’t fair. We as parents, family, friends and anyone else who has ever loved a child need to teach them responsibility for their actions. That is not easy, especially since sometimes it’s incredibly difficult to deal with the fact that you control the choices you make. It’s easier to say “I didn’t have a choice because [whoever] did [whatever].” It is easy to blame God and anybody else. It is incredibly difficult to look in the mirror at yourself and know that you are the reason things are crap. But its vital. In order to fix a problem, you need to know what the problem is. I’m saying this more to refer to potential shooters than potential victims but it’s still a valid point.
As for the victims, there is evil in this world. It’s no comfort. None at all. Bad things happen. Not only because of bad people but also because generally good people occasionally do some f*cked up stuff too.

Some people will disagree with me here. That’s okay. My blog, my opinion. 😛

Seriously, stop kissing your kid’s butt. They need to know what losing feels like. They need to understand that they will not get everything they deserve, even if they work hard and do their best all the time. If they are doing something unacceptable, get in their face. There are many, many ways to let a kid know what they are doing is wrong without abusing them. They need to know there are consequences for their actions. And as parents, we need to make sure those consequences are swift, unpleasant, and consistent. They are for us! We are teaching our kids how to live. Teach them!

On mayan prophecy

Pfft. How many supposed “end of the world” scenarios have we lived through now? I think there have been 7 in my 28 years of life. I’m skeptical. Especially about the ZOMBIE APOCALYPSE.

People are nucking futs.

Love (even past the end of the world),

Niqui ❤


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