Poetry Thursday: Lullabies

Forgive my tardiness. I forgot to post this week’s Poetry Thursday poem before I went to sleep last night!


The madness of infants is wearing her thin

Unfashionably she wears prints, spaghetti red and pea green hands

Pondering formula, potty training and picky eaters


A vain attempt to still her thoughts,

to stop

She lay, breathing slowly

Trickling tears from half-closed eyes.


Droplets hit the pillow like the sound of a leaky faucet



Silence for a moment.

She savors, a rare and precious thing

Her days cycle viciously from cry to cry, mischief to mess.

And suddenly, a little voice begins to sing


“go to sleep, go to sleep…”


She moves nearer to the source, peeking from the doorway.

The mother’s tears turn to a small smile.

A child cuddles her baby sister close and sings a lullaby.


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