NaPo is over but I’m still masochistic!

Obviously. LOL.

The lovely poets of PFFA (Poetry Free for All) and Facebook have started a new thing called “Poetry Thursdays”. Similar to NaPo, the goal is to write a poem. The difference is that the poems are to be posted every Thursday for a year. *facedesk*

But I think getting involved will be a positive step for me, given my slacker tendencies. And… at the very least, I will have something posted on a regular basis, as opposed to my disappearing acts over the course of my 3 year blogging journey.

I tried to write a poem the other day and I knew the result was in bad condition but I posted it in the forums in the desperate hope that some piece of it was salvageable.

No such luck. The blunt honesty of a forum member almost managed to hurt my feeling…

(By the way, that isn’t a typo. I only had one that day. :P)

Well, I have an hour and 15 minutes before my first “Poetry Thursday” ends! I better get to work.



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