29 in 30

So this month has been very challenging. But I’ve managed to flail my way through. Today, I tried a challenge from Poetry Free For All forums. The challenge was to write 30 poems in 30 minutes. I made it to 29. So close, so far! As my brain is now completely fried, I am posting my sad efforts. I hope there’s something worthwhile. 🙂

1. Being right offers no satisfaction,
I predicted douchebaggery.

2. The sun shines on the points of lonely cactus.
It looks like the desert’s middle finger.

3. I have a job. I am a mom.

4. Piles of laundry are waiting.
Yeah, screw that.

5. I hate corn chips.
They smell like feet and dirty

6. I’m allergic to avocado.
I’d still die for california rolls.

7. I kiss him in his sleep
because I want to intrude on his dreaming.

8. He dreamt I cheated on him.
So he was mad at me all day.
How’s that fair?

9. Once I fell while dancing in the living room,
the logo of the heater is still branded on my
right buttcheek.

10. I’m drinking water out of wineglass,
hope Jesus will stop by and do me a favor.

11. Tea parties, hugs, and baby kisses.
I know this moment will end,
but it wish it wouldn’t

12. She has waist length curly hair
I call it the endless knot.

13. He smiles with the entirety of his disabled body.

14. I’m tempted to learn arabic.
I feel bad everytime I mangle his name.
Fakhrir…. fakk-er-ie

15. He’s fascinated. Through the open blinds, sunlight dances on his feeding tube.

16. I want his imagination to be as strong and healthy as his body is not.

17. Is there any difference between painting the grass green and the roses red? I don’t see it.

18. He says I read depressing news, news of note generally is.

19. 30 poems in 30 minutes hmm… I can’t guarantee poetry.

20. I felt ancient, trying to explain why I wanted a pager in the 8th grade
to a 10yr old.

21. 10 years since I graduated high school,
I have facebook. Who needs a reunion.

22. What makes a man sexy to me?
A big nose.
Every man I’ve ever been attracted to has one.

23. I need a cigarette like I need to live. Is that irony?

24. 5 is my lucky number. Like me, its in the middle of everything.

25. I want to go to karaoke, and sing showtunes
completely sober.

26. Some fruits and veggies,
2 boxes of noodles, and spaghetti sauce
$70? Why?

27. Glad I didn’t wash my car.
Unexpected rain 5 minutes later.

28. I keep writing, but I’m not saying anything.

29. Cocoa, a warm blanket, and a good book
Personal recipe for contentment.


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