fake flowers

the orange flowers in the glass vase jut proud

from colored rocks and pearls. No one can

tell them they aren’t lovely, they aren’t

real. The flowers in the vase jut real proud,

unchanging prettiness the entire year

The spring, fresh dusted, stand tall in the cool

And summer blistering, away from windows

There is no fall. “Un-life” continues to

Regard winter revels through glass, unmoved

from rocks, shining,  and painted plastic pearls.


2 thoughts on “fake flowers

  1. Hmmmm! Yeeeeeeeeesss… sweet words well used, nature personification… You know I love it! Awsome poem here, great job & thanks for sharing it! ( =

  2. Oh & I don’t really like repetition but I must admit that it is well used & well spaced in here. Excellent work Niqui!

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