Soapbox: Vol 3 Rhyming Poetry

Recently, I posted a poem in a workshop forum. I felt like I needed more technical feedback than I’d get from friends and family. But what I got wasn’t the typical – “Your meter is off in stanza 2, line (whatever)”. It was more along the lines of “Don’t use rhyme. Ever!”


I understand most modern poetry doesn’t rhyme, and also doesn’t use form but…

I want to be a better poet. And to do that, I need to know the tools used in poetry. Rhyme, meter, alliteration, all of it! Not that I need to master it, but all for the better if I can. If I eschew all the techniques used by master poets throughout time without knowing them, isn’t that just ignorance?

So I want to ask:

What do you think of using rhyme in poetry? Is it just old-fashioned and boring?


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