Acid: IIWRC post

I waited for the challenge and then

Well then finally it came.  “I dropped acid.”

I did? When? Crap.

What do I write? What do I say?

Should I actually go find some acid?

I could imagine? Maybe.

“I dropped some acid…”

I imagine myself, languid 70’s siren

“Gimme some of that.”

My insouciant smile tripping the light fantastic

I could dance disco with John Travolta

back when he was smokin’ hot.

I imagine myself, the experimental kid I’ve never been

all of a sudden, toddler shows would totally make sense and

I could play “Blue’s Clues” with my imaginary dog and a spice rack too.

“I dropped some acid”

Or I’m like batman and dropped some joker in…


IndieInk Writing Challenge:
This week, Kurt challenged me with “I dropped some acid.” and I challenged Kirsten Doyle with “Don’t go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first.”(Mark Twain)


2 thoughts on “Acid: IIWRC post

  1. “…all of a sudden, toddler shows would totally make sense…” I’ve often wondered if the writers of some of those shows aren’t having flashbacks when they come up with that stuff.

    • They probably are, lol. I watch old episodes of cartoons and sesame street with my kids and I’m like wow, I totally never caught some of this stuff when I was little. 😀

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