Ballad of the Chub: IIWRC

This is a ballad, dedicated to the Chub for her 3rd birthday. :)

who isn't at all chubby anymore *sniffles*

Chub’s Ballad

And so, a girl was born that day

Silence, then the screaming.

Perfectly formed in every way

Her father said, beaming.

Worth life to me, and I would pay,

save their intervening.

So together, we went our way

And she gave my life new meaning.

There was a girl born that day.

Years like moments seeming.

And when I close my eyes to pray,

I hope God doesn’t tell me I was dreaming.

Indie Ink Challenge!
This week: The drama mama of from my Write Side challenged me to write on the prompt: “Tell me I was dreaming” and I challenged Liz Culver of Liz Culver on the prompt: “The relationship between fear and respect.”


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