Real Talk: vol 1

*I am about to be very blunt. If you are easily offended, you might as well go read something else.

Lately, I’ve been seeing various posts on blogs, random tv episodes, and even in the books I read, commentary on the Christianity “vs” homosexuality. And what’s bothering me is not necessarily the media that begins the conversation. What’s bothering me is comments from the peanut gallery.

I am a christian. I believe that Jesus, who was both fully God and fully man died on the cross as the final sacrifice for sin. As an artistically inclined person, I have also known a fairly large number of homosexual people. There are a few I don’t care for. But as a whole, they are beautiful and bold and in their own way, very courageous. I don’t agree with everything they do and say but that is life. And according to Christianity, homosexuality is a sin. It is. That doesn’t mean they’re going to hell automatically. And it definitely does NOT mean that God hates them. That means, they are as human and they are not perfect. Everyone sins every day of their life. If you think you don’t, read all those old testament rules and see if they haven’t caught you somewhere. That’s why all those books of law are in the bible, to make the point that without God’s grace, none of us would measure up. EVER. Even if you locked yourself in a room and just stared off into space, you would still have sinned because you had the opportunity to do good in the world and didn’t.

I keep getting the vibe that people think that there are shades of sin in God’s mind. As if one sin was less offensive to God than another is. I’m pretty sure that this isn’t the case. The bible says God is love. The bible says God hates sin. So if a being that is supposed to be the ultimate example of love actively hates something, that might be worth taking note of.

Homosexuality is incompatible with Christianity because of the kind of sin it is. For instance, a homosexual woman joins a church, and accepts Jesus. So far so good. But once she begins to study the bible, she learns that homosexuality is considered a sin. We are forgiven any sin as long as we are truly apologetic and repentant for it. But she knows it’s a sin now, and she continues to be intimate with women. Even if she goes to God in prayer about it, as long as she’s still doing it on any regular basis, how sorry is she really? I’m not saying that a homosexual person couldn’t be a christian. But it would make life harder. For example, they’d have to give up having sex. Technically, no one is supposed to have sex outside of marriage. NO ONE. But I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen at least one example of how “abstinence only” doesn’t always work. They could masturbate but having to control your mind to the point where you aren’t committing “lust” sucks all the fun out of that. Children are dying because of the hatred that is being allowed. They are killing themselves because they are so lost and alone. As adults, we need to teach our children love and tolerance. As young people, we need to learn to stand up for what is right regardless of who thinks you are cool or not cool for it.

I think that Christians need to remember that unless it’s your job to do so, judging other people is bad. We’re supposed to love each other. How can you love someone you’re looking down your nose at because “they’re wrong”? Where would you be if God hadn’t accepted you even though in His eyes YOU’RE the one in the wrong?

And I’d like everyone to know that there is nowhere you can go and nothing you can do that will prevent God from loving you. And if you’re completely pissed off at Him (a lot of people are), I’d suggest going in an empty room, closing the door and letting Him have it. I’m pretty sure He can take it and who knows, you might feel a bit better afterwards.

One of the blog posts that sent me off on this tangent can be found at


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