Soap Box vol.1 ~ Social injustice

This has been kind of a rough few days for me. I’ve been dealing with depression and alot of other personal issues for some time. And although, I am not the most social of people, I have been paying attention to what’s going on in the world around me. To be honest, it makes me want to be part of this world even less.

The TwitterVerse has been buzzing today about the suicide of 14 year old video blogger Jamey Rodemeyer. He committed suicide after dealing with years of bullying over his questionable sexuality. I believe that bullies have existed since the beginning of time. There were bullies when I was growing up, there were bullies when my parents grew up, etc. Jamey’s hero, Lady Gaga, is calling for an anti-bullying law. This isn’t necessarily a bad idea. However, what’s the difference between today and years past? Were kids committing suicide then too? Hormonal teenagers are overall, assholes. I believe the best explanation for it was something along the lines of they have the vocabulary of adults but are emotionally immature.

As a parent, it’s my job to teach my kids as best I can how to survive in this world. That includes bullies, that includes self-image, that includes sex and drugs. So what do you do when your kid is being bullied? I’d say the first step is probably to know about it. The second step, is to talk to the teachers at school. Then the bully’s parents. Then the principal. Then the school board if you have to. Parents need to be there for their kids. Yes, bills need to be paid. Yes, food needs to be bought. But your children are a lifetime commitment. They will need you less as they grow older but maintaining a relationship with is important. Personally, if I find out my girls are being bullied, I will give them my blessing to fight back. It’s not the first thing that needs to happen at all but it definitely needs to be on the list. I’ve always felt like even if I can’t win a fight, I’m still going to try to cause enough damage to make it not worth messing with me again. We can’t legislate childhood in to perfection. And trying only insures that our kids will not have the skills they need. I agree with spanking. I know not everyone does. But I’d rather spank my kid and teach her not to lie/cheat/steal than have the police beating her down on the news. Something needs to be done about bullying. Enough is enough.  #RIPJamey

Related to bullying, did you know that there is currently a large protest on wall street in liberty plaza? The NYPD are being quite brutal. Further information can be found: Anonymous Operation: Take Wall St. Amazingly, no major news source is covering it. It’s assumed that they don’t want any publicity because they don’t want to have anymore people showing up to support. They are protesting corporate greed amongst other things. If you can’t make it to NY there are still ways you can help. Even if it’s just ordering some pizza for the protesters. Another source of information is:

Don’t Ask, Don’t tell was repealed. That’s great but is it really going to help? The people who wouldve kicked you out of the armed forces for being gay will still want to kick you out of the military for being gay, they’ll just have to find new wording for the paperwork. Still, congrats guys. You don’t have to lie about who you are. But please, be careful. Reminder: HATERZ GON’ HATE. 🙂

Last, but certainly not least… frantic tweeting about Troy Davis. He is a man who was scheduled to die via lethal injection in the State of Georgia. The crime for which he was accused: 20yrs ago, a cop was  murdered. But there is no physical evidence and 7 out of 9 witnesses have recanted their testimonies. I am undecided about the death penalty but if there’s a chance that he didn’t do it, shouldn’t they investigate?

Justice is not always fair, I realize this. However…

This is important. Why is the news media telling me stories about cats stuck in trees and what movie stars are wearing to go buy coffee? What else are you not telling me and why are things that need to be known being pushed under a rug?


One thought on “Soap Box vol.1 ~ Social injustice

  1. I appreciate your views on bully prevention and the fact that something must be done.
    It’s a problem that is surfacing, yet, it’s my belief and was my experience, the mass amount of kids that are being affected are remaining quiet.

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