Velvet Verbosity 100 word challenge: Storm

Moody monologue

It was a shitstorm. 

Everything that could go wrong had.
What happens when the appearance
of safety and security is ripped away
to reveal the shaky ground no one noticed?
Dissolution like cotton candy on the 
tongues of scylla and charybdis?
Hanging by your underwear on a flag pole
waiting for someone kind to take pity,
for someone to hear the cries and offer mercy?
Was this deserved? 
Probably not. 
But even the best dont always get what they deserve
and the worst giggle into their cheerios
every morning.

But we don't have time for sob stories, kid. Let's go.

12 thoughts on “Velvet Verbosity 100 word challenge: Storm

  1. welcome to 100 words. Great message at the end. Stop crying and move on stronger than before. Godo job. I like how you layered the lines.

    Can’t wait to read more form you!

  2. love the ending – essentially hitching up “your big girl panties” and going on with life – esp. coupled with the line about hanging from the pole.

    Welcome to the challenge.

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