What I’d do

Maybe things would be different if I weren’t afraid. If I weren’t afraid of the unknown or of being rejected. If I wasn’t afraid to look in the mirror too closely for fear that I’ll find something different than I expect. Something small, weak, and sad. Something cold and hateful. Maybe.

What would I do if I weren’t afraid?

I would sing showtunes in libraries, loudly.

I would pirouette in place of walking.

I would wear beautiful dresses that make me feel pretty and feminine. With combat boots. Because I really really love boots. The only things I miss about being in the military are my awesomely shiny boots. Not that the air force wears shiny boots these days. 😦

I would speak when I should be silent.

I would cry if I felt like it.

And I’d dye my hair bright pink.


If I weren’t afraid.




3 thoughts on “What I’d do

  1. I’m starting to do a couple of these…especially the pirouetting…in the supermarket…in the presence of my fifteen year old daughter. I love it. It makes me feel free…and young…and alive. You should try it sometime! 🙂

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