Wandering Wednesday: Weird, Even weirder, and inspiration!

This week, I did much more wandering around the internet than usual. Partially because I’ve gotten sucked into the joys of  StumbleUpon and partially because I just needed some inspiration.

This led me to a whole new world of interesting and crazy stuff! I love it. I found an article about the 9 weirdest poems you will ever read, which includes classics such as the “Rime of the Ancient Mariner”. If you think about it, that poem is really weird. That said, I personally think that Stein 100: A feather likeness of the Justice Chair, which was featured in a recent Mechanics Monday post should be either on the list somewhere or place as a runner up at number 10.

Then there’s this picture:

It’s weird, crazy, and kind of cool! I really don’t know who to credit for it as it doesn’t seem to belong to the owner of the page I found it on.  The picture is linked to the site where I found it, called Yay Everday. Underneath the picture is a link to Walee.com, which I only browsed briefly but it has even more amazingly cool pictures.

I also came across this awesome video! A composer saw some birds sitting on telephone wires and created this musical arrangement. I guess it’s true that inspiration can be found in anything if you look.

This poem by Lewis Carroll is sickeningly clever as well. (LOL. Don’t mind me. I’m just jealous that he thought of it first. :D) It can be read straight across or up and down.

Well, we’ve covered alot today! I hope you found at least some of these things as awesome as I did!


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