Retrospect shows me that the slightest of changes
can save a life
1 degree of deviation
can change and redirect a course.

If I’d let go of dead love sooner…
Maybe if I’d been less tired…
If I’d answered the last 2 correctly…
If I had graduated my course on time…
If you hadn’t lied to get in my pants…
If I hadn’t fallen for it…

I wouldn’t have her
Or perhaps even you.

If he hadn’t been so worried…
If I hadn’t gone to the hospital that day…

1 degree of deviation, retrospective ifs

You wouldn’t have us.


2 thoughts on “Retrospect

  1. Interesting poem, a little too personal; I like to try to understand the writer, here I cannot without some explanations on a specific line. Way too many If. Besides that, enjoyable thoughts & nice using of words.

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