Zombie Apocalypse

*Inspired by the song “City” by Hollywood Undead.*

I can hear their feet shuffling in the fading light of

the sun.
an army, inexorably marching, never faltering.
Silence. Heavy and oppressive.
Punctuated by the scraping of sole and bone
across cement, mortar, and stone.

No shouts of triumph are heard
No, there is only soul deep hunger
Ripping and clawing from inside to bloom on my face.
My dress of flesh ribbons is pale even against the

white of partially exposed skeleton.
Belle of the ball, the destruction of civilization
my dance floor and look,
all my friends are here.

The refreshments are hiding. How rude.
Some instinct warns…

The explosion hits.

And I
do not die in the night, but in the light
with the ashes of my world on my tongue.


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