April was National Poetry Month.

I have a confession to make. The month of april is National Poetry Month and I, slacker that I have become, only wrote 1 poem! I also only read 3 poems. *Gasp* Seems sort of blasphemous especially for a blogger whose blog is dedicated to poetry.

So, as penance, the month of may will be my own personal poetry month :). I will post a poem daily until June 3. I did try this once before. I remember that as the month went on and inspiration failed me, I had more trouble writing non-garbage. I mean, I’m not cocky enough to think that everything I write is poetry gold but at least I feel its good enough to not embarrass myself for now. LOL, maybe after I’ve been writing for 60 years I’ll look back and blush but for now I’ll be content with what I’ve written until a month from now I look and think  “hmm, I should’ve put a comma there.”

That said… I am applying nose to grindstone! Hmmm, actually that sounds rather painful. But you know what I mean. 🙂


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