Writing Well Challenge 1: Character study

Today would normally be Favorite Friday but I am deviating because I found a new site that gave me some inspiration. 🙂

I’ve been very uninspired and stressed out this week, to the point where I only managed to actually write 2 poems. Both were haiku, and they werent very impressive either. So, as I was poking through my groups on She Writes, one of the lovely ladies there mentioned {W}rite of Passage.

I’m almost always game for a challenge so I got to work. This week’s challenge was a character study. We were supposed to go out in public and write about someone we saw. Since I found out about this challenge on the last day, I had to improvise. Meet my brother :).

Writing Well Challenge: #1

His eyes are wide, as is his frequent smile. He slouches in his seat, intently focused on the game in his hand. His lanky form is slightly too large for the chair he sits in, but this doesnt seem to bother him in the least. His room smells of dirty socks but is still fairly neat. The utter silence is only occasionally broken by a robotic pronouncement. “Oh yeah, baby!” or an incredulous statement whose general meaning implies that a psp is capable of cheating. Within minutes, the silence resumes. It is broken once again when he transfers his headphones to his battle-scarred ipod. His voice is a pleasant baritone, until he tries unsuccessfully to mimic the musical gyrations of an R&B tenor in falsetto. He stops, clears his throat as if pained, and begins to hum instead.

He appears immovable. But, looks are deceiving.  His father is making dinner.  The scent of food drifts into the room, it’s siren call is too powerful for him to resist. As if watching an episode of Looney Tunes, one can almost see the scent beckoning him with out-stretched palms. Slowly, he uncurls himself from his personal nirvana, looking much like a cat stretching regally after a well-deserved nap.

His electronics sit abandoned.

But he’ll be back.


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