It’s her birthday!

Today, no Mechanics Monday. It’s a very special day. My little Karina’s very first birthday. One year ago, I was walked into the hospital for a routine blood pressure check and ended up getting an emergency c-section because everything that had been going wrong with the pregnancy got worse. I mean, it was seriously bad. I had high blood pressure, diabetes, toxemia, and eclampsia. I was so scared I couldnt stop shaking. So my doctor gave me a hug, partially to comfort and partially to help me stay still for a second and they knocked me out. They numbed me so well that I never felt the epidural. I felt the doctor behind me touch my back and then darkness.

It’s been a crazy/happy year. She’s grown and learned so much. And because of her, so have I.

This is my Karina baby at 3 days old. She was 5lbs and 19inches long.

And this is my Karina baby, a week ago. 😀 She’s about 24 lbs now and 2.5ft tall.

We’ve got a little party set up for her, with cupcakes and streamers and balloons. It’s going to be a good day.


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