An ode to pumpkin pie

pumpkin pie, fresh
and warm. Moist on tongue.
The colors of halloween and autumn
leaf. Spices like glitter adorn your face.
Cinnamon and nutmeg, scent, taste, dazzle
on my tongue. Thanksgiving for consumption.
Cloves and ginger added in perfect proportion.
You taste of family, memories, taste childhood
symphony of flavors. Operatic woman singing
arias. Bold beauty wears a wig of cream curls
a la mode, smooth icy coolness. Contrast.
Seduction. I consume only to become
an addict. You taste of fall. I, fallen
from diet’s grace. Sweet, sweet
   pie, fresh and warm. 
so worth it.


5 thoughts on “An ode to pumpkin pie

    • I’m glad you liked it. LOL the hardest part of writing it was fitting everything into the circle. Was super tricky cuz one letter sometimes would be throwing the shape off so I had to find a whole new word. I had alot of fun with it though.

    • *Gasp*! Blasphemy…
      lol, just kidding. I havent had it all that much either but the few times I did… sooo good. I’ve started harrassing my dad to take me to dunkin donuts for the pumpkin pie flavored ice coffee. It’s good stuff. 😀

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