Citizen of the Month Interview Experiment!

One of my goals this month was to break out of my hermit hidey-hole and meet some bloggers. So I signed up for:

I was assigned to interview Ms. Christine Gram of Strange Pilgram.  I learned something important… it’s harder to interview someone than it seems. LOL.

Question:  How did you get started blogging?
Answer I need to write things down to stay sane.  I feel more grounded, more soulful, more at peace when I write.  I understand myself better.  Up until the blog I just sent everything I wrote off to my dearest friends.  Sometimes to someone in my family.  I’ve done it since high school, but with marriage and children I was doing it a lot.  There were periods I was sending letters to friends daily.  There was never any expectation for them to reply, I just needed to know that it was out there.  That someone knew these things.  And I didn’t know it, but I was blogging.  I stumbled into Derfwad Manor (now The Women’s Colony) about a year ago.  And Mrs. G encouraged people to sign up for NaBloPoMo.  I thought maybe I could do this.  So I did.
Question: Your biography says, “The trick is to both stay and go. Bring with and leave behind. Change and remain true. All at the same time.” That’s an awesome viewpoint. What inspired it?
Answer: I was faced with filling in that “about me” space on the blogger and nothing seemed to fit.  I didn’t want to put down “ex-pat, mother, wife…” because it didn’t feel like that really said anything about me.  I just asked myself, “What am I doing here?  What are these stories about?”  I’m often second guess myself in my writing.  There are many contradictions.  I want to dive into this new culture and soak it all up; but then I pull back to reconnect with my own… that string of statements just flowed out of those thoughts.
Question: Strange Pilgram has a special feature called Think Green Thursday. Why do you think the green movement and it’s emphasis on environmentalism is important?
Answer: Think Green Thursday is a meme hosted by Rambling Woods.  I think about how to reduce my impact on the earth all the time because we humans are quickly turning our home planet into a dead ugly wasteland.  I’m not a zero carbon footprint cave dweller, but I think there are many things we can do that don’t require much more than a slight change in routine.  I like the meme because once a week we sit down and focus our writing on that, share ideas, and maybe even stimulate someone else to think green.
Question: What is the main inspiration for your poetry and blog posts?
Answer: My better poetry is inspired by my relationships with people I love.  It is the result of my desperate effort to explain the colors and pressures that I feel inside, that have grown out of knowing them.  When I can’t think in complete sentences, it becomes poetry.  With Flowers of Sulfur, I’m trying to take it up a notch and learn from the amazing poets contributing to that blog.
My blog posts usually focus on the small things that I pick up on in daily life.  Little things that I see tucked away in the background.  The supporting roles and props, the underlying spices.
Question: What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given, either in general or blog-related?
Answer:  Best piece of advice is my mom’s, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
A big thank you for Christine. She was an excellent sport. And a thank you to Neil Kramer as well for setting up The Great Interview Experiment. It was pretty fun!

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