Fort Hood

Right now, the Fort Hood memorial is playing on my TV. I’ve deliberately avoided writing about it because there are so many thoughts and emotions that are jumbled and fairly incoherent. But I feel as if I need to mention it. My husband is in the Air Force. He is an MP (military police). I also spent some time in the Air Force as an MP. A good number of my family has at some point worn the uniform. I have alot of respect for the people who serve and the families who stay home.

For an officer to do something like this… It does but doesn’t surprise me. I know that a good number of officers are awesome. Just like a good number of them are self-absorbed holier than thou buttheads. Most of the domestic violence cases on my base are committed by officers. Beating your wife with a laptop? Not cool. I’ve met alot of jerk officers and very few of the ones who care. I’m wary of them in general.

But I’m mildly ashamed to admit, I’ve been biased against the army for most of my life. Example, my husband is doing law enforcement somewhere in Iraq right now. I’m more worried about some army guy going apeshit on him than roadside bombs and things like that. This is not new for me. Partially because the army guys have gotten hell for years. Deployments have been a year for I don’t even know how long.  The guys at the top are noticing the strain finally. But it’s been there for a while.

Fort Hood kind of cemented old biases for me. Officer? Army? Yeah…

I’m praying for the families an dead and the injured. I’m praying for the families worrying over the deployed. I’m praying for our military and I’m praying for our world. 

We are grieving with our defenders. We grieve for the lost. I hope this incident inspires some action to help relieve the stress on our military men and women.


2 thoughts on “Fort Hood

    • I’m glad to hear your friend is okay. Senseless is such a good word for this whole thing. It seems like there shouldve been some way to stop it before it happened but then hindsight is 20/20.

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