The Duel

Once again, I face my nemesis
Dawn deathmatch duel.
Stoically, I choose my weapon
Heroically, I wield
a black, ballpoint pen.

Left hand, knuckles white
“I will write you!”
My enemy appears unfazed.

I ponder the line…

Preparing my plan of attack,
I ponder the line…

Nature? Emotion?
Take a deep breath, visualize…

Mental commercials intrude on my unfolding drama.

A sesame seed bun.
An all beef patty.
Ketchup, extra ketchup
Sparkles like diamonds and rubies dropped from the sky,
Ringlets of mist danced in the grass
green, fresh lettuce and tomatoes…

Shaking my head, I depart the field.
“We will continue this battle later.


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