Back to work!

I’ve been seriously neglecting my blog lately. I have continued to write although it has been sporadic. Life has been both hum-drum and hectic lately. Teething baby, both of us getting a cold that just won’t go away, and laptop crashed twice! On top of that, I’m packing up to go visit my family. I saw my mother almost a year ago but I havent seen my father in almost 4 years. My family is really important to me and I’m so glad I get to see them again. I call regularly but it just isnt the same.

One thing I’m not really looking forward to is the flight there. Unless I buy a seat for my baby, I have to hold her the whole time. It wouldnt be a problem if she wasn’t so active. But now that she crawls, walks, and bites, I don’t think she’ll be too happy about having to be held still for an 8 hour flight. Maybe I’ll get lucky and she’ll sleep but I’m not holding my breath on that.

But I have made a resolution! I’m going to do my best to have something posted daily. I tried the national blog posting month challenge and I found that it really stretched me as a writer and a poet. It forced me to be creative and exposed me to different people and poems that otherwise I may not have come across. Thanks to the ability to schedule when posts go up, I believe I can accomplish it.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day. It’s time for me to


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