Groundless Fear: an exercise

This poem was written because of an exercise my mother suggested when I complained about writer’s block. I was given a mood for the poem and nine random words. It was harder than I thought it would be lol.

Mood: Anxious

Vocabulary list: knee, resent, recognize, eloquent, domain, reciprocity, elegance, delegate, kaput.

Groundless Fear

My right knee twitches when I am nervous.

I resent this outward display of my inner turbulence,

yet, I recognize that it is normal to fear

to feel anxiety…

Yet ever am I surprised when my typically eloquent

Self-assuredly elegant pen

deteriorates to bumbling, stumbling

Um, like, you know?

Everything becomes a question,

as if I am no longer capable of making a statement?


As if my mind has decided to go on vacation

delegating control of mouth and pen to toenails.

All I can do is thank heaven, there is no reciprocity.


Yet I often find, my fears

of spontaeneous combustion,  of explosion into

a pile of singed clothing on the floor

vanquished, finito, kaput

Faux pas launched to obscurity,

are groundless.


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