image courtesy of www.msf.org

image courtesy of http://www.msf.org


They were his life,
ended all too sudden.
Black ice and screams
Tinkle, shattered glass
wet, gasping final breaths

She had just learned to read.
He had just turned sixteen.
And she, sweet beloved queen,
had just spoken.
“I love you” and laughing promise
to come home soon

He collected from each one lost, a memory
A tiny bracelet, a ridiculous earring
And the wedding band once placed on a hand
whose warmth would never again be felt.

Stoic, tie up his few last ends
Blood red eyes stare from behind a mirror
on the day the package arrives,
inside, a bullet of melted gold.

Biting down on cold metal,
their giggles rang in his ears.
He is briefly smiling,
and then he pulls the trigger.


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