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The sun shone, flamboyant in the noon sky, overt
blaze with all the glory of a drag queen amongst her subjects,
she lip-synchs “I’m too sexy” in a gold lam’e mini-skirt.
Grass quails before her splendor, erects
golden highlights, a vain attempt to accesorize
No chance to compare, a dream unable to actualize.
Sweat on skin, a gentle mist
glitter sparkle on any who are kissed.

He walks at my side
His voice and happy barks, figment of my imagination
I, his bride
Real? Or vapid imitation?
Maybe it doesn’t matter. Life doesn’t move according to my plans,
Else, lying here no imaginary hands.
Rueful sigh, eyes lift to that golden pearl
Snap my fingers and mutter, “You go, girl”

“This little light of mine…
I’m gonna let it shine…”
Just like that.


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