Thoughts on Poetry

I’ve been thinking alot lately about poetry and poets in general. I’ve wanted to write an essay about why poetry is important. I think it is. But, I can’t seem to think of any logical, objective reasons. I think it’s important for poets to step outside of the writing bubble and really consider who we write for and why. 

Poetry is typically read by poets and not the general public. Why is that? Poetry books are not reviewed by mainstream newspapers and magazines until they’ve won a pulitizer or other high awards. There are millions of poems published every year and yet, most of these anthologies disappear and go out of print incredibly fast. It’s not that poetry is dying. I definitely do not believe that. But I think as a culture, it has lost its ability to connect with the wider audience. It’s moved underground and to the halls of the academies.

I love poetry. I love how the story-telling is condensed so that each word has importance. I love using words to create art. And no poet or writer writes a masterpiece everytime they pick up a pen but I think it’s important to keep trying. One of my goals for this blog is not just to share my own writing but to showcase poetry that speaks to me. I think far too often, poetry readings, blogs, and shows take a reverent tone to the host author and ignore the rest.

Poetry is more than old dead white guys, angsty teenagers, emo drivel, and mental instability. It’s more than horny shepherds in the countryside and flowery odes to an eyelash. It’s a snapshot of life. Sometimes well-expressed, sometimes not. I really want to spend more time on this. But for now, I’ll get back to thinking.


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