Self Acceptance

image courtesy of Artist: Norman Rockwell

image courtesy of Artist: Norman Rockwell

I think I’m cute

But I am not beautiful

I have thick curls

But I dream of being sleek and smooth

I’m petite and curvy

I wish I was model, tall and thin

My eyes are brown

But I think I would look better with green

And don’t get me started on the indignity



But you know, I’m tired of looking in the mirror

Only to catalog my flaws.

When did I decide that being me

Isn’t okay?



I am cute.

I exit the shower with a mass of curls

That other girls torture themselves to attain.

I am petite and curvy…

Like Salma Hayek!

Yeah, just like her…

Well… then again…

Okay, so sort of like her.

My eyes look good on me

And freckles add character to my face.


I’ve given myself permission to be me.


2 thoughts on “Self Acceptance

  1. I love how there’s a before and then an after without any physical changes, just A CHANGE IN THINKING.

    This is simplistic powerful. More people should read this.

    • I think sometimes a change in thinking is all we really need. There’s so much plastic surgery for ridiculous things. And so many girls start beating themselves up so young. I’ve heard a skinny 7 year old tell me that she’s fat. I was shocked. I think more people need to realize that its okay be themselves and not the people on TV or in magazines.

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