The Field Trip

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I have a story to tell

That didn’t happen long ago

Or in a kingdom far, far, away

On a sunny spring day

I observed,

And worried about the state of education.


On a sunny spring day

150 children, divided into groups

Escorted by a parent and a teacher,

marched into a grocery store.

For a field trip.


Amazed, I smiled and helpfully

Answered a series of questions

Fingers flying over keys as they paid, individually

For assorted fruits and crackers

Not a candy bar in sight.

Mental notation:

This field trip sucks.


Field trips used to be adventure, fun, and priveledge

A nearby theatre for a lesson on art and drama

A museum, history and culture

A wooded park, on the edge of school grounds

And beans baking over a surpervised fire

So that we could experience life without a microwave.

Colleges, for options and possibilities.


I remember these things

And I can’t help but think…

Wow, this field trip really sucks.


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