Black Roses ~re-written~

“A poem is never finished, only abandoned.” ~ Paul Valery


I have done some editing and re-writing on this poem because I felt that there were some places that I over-explained and some places that I didnt explain enough. It was originally posted on June 4, 2009 if you are interested in seeing it in it’s original form.

image courtesy of

image courtesy of


Black Roses: version 2

He gave me roses…

They bend and sway
Upturned faces to the sun
Magnificient in a fiery blaze of youth
Beauty, they are beauty.

The roses bend and sway
Following, in faithful adoration
The path of light.
Fragile petals caress the ground.
But still the roses shine.

…The earth spins prettily,
Waltzing with time…

They are dying
Bodies, stiff and bent with age
Stripped of defense and dignity
Past vibrancy, morbid and still
Their bright joy living on in faded memory
And pictures in broken glass.

He gave me roses…

Once, they were a thing of beauty.
And once, so were we.


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