Literary Consumption


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Sunlight filtered through window blinds


On sea of light gold cotton blends

Like the sand encrusted winds


And Arabian Nights


She lies

Eyes intent on the treasures before her

Mouth open wide


Sunlight resting on skin, adrift

Silky blue and hues of cream

I dream of whales

Call me Ishmael.


She glances

In my direction

Her smile a shining beacon

In dark eyes


I am watching, in this moment, hers

My fingers flip a page

Teleport me to another world

And she thinks that I do not see her.


She thinks

That I do not see

Her magic carpet ride

Chasing stories

For consumption


She seems to think that I don’t understand

Her search for the perfect flavor.


I go to her and hold her close.

She is wise beyond her years it seems.

The best way to experience a book is to consume it.

I just wish she didn’t do it

So literally.


3 thoughts on “Literary Consumption

    • AvilesC (Niqui’s Husband): I ask the same thing every week!
      Niqui: Because I can never find the one I want. 🙂

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