Daddy Face *Happy Father’s Day!*


My father is big and tall.
At 6’2, he makes me feel like a midget.
At 4’11, I’m probably close.
My father has a contagious laugh
That echoes
Bouncing off walls to ring,
Sliding across mouths to leave a smile
In it’s place.

He has moustache
And curly hair just like mine.
He always smells like
cigarettes, soap, and food.
He has a pot belly.
But it isn’t soft at all.
In fact, I used to hug him
From a flying leap
Just to see how far
I’d bounce backward
On impact.

When I was little,
I made up nicknames for my entire family
His was daddyface.
I don’t remember why I did it,
But somehow it still fits.

My father is quick to listen,
Slow to speak
Quick to joke or come to my defense
And even if he can’t do anything else,
He’ll always pick up the phone
Let me rant
and then
we continue the epic story
of Colonel Rocha,
America’s greatest spy.

He isn’t perfect
And we definitely havent
Always seen eye to eye
But I know he loves me
Just as much
As I love him.


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