How to: Cinquain

Cinquains are five line poems. It does not have to rhyme. The two most common ways that they are seen and used is:


Traditional Cinquains are written in this format:

Line 1: 2 syllables

Line 2: 4 syllables

line 3: 6 syllables

line 4: 8 syllables

line 5: 2 syllables


PMS by Niqui


Bloody cramping

Sometimes think God hates me

Remember midol dulls the pain

Thank God.


Modern cinquains are slightly more complex. They follow this format:

  • line 1 – one word -( a noun)- name of the subject
  • line 2 – two words -(adjectives)- describing the
  • line 3 – three words- (verbs)- describing an
                action related to subject
  • line 4 – four words describing a feeling about
                the subject or a complete sentence
  • line 5 – one word referring back to the subject
                of the poem


Snow (1)

white blanket (2)

gently falling down (3)

a spiral patterned dance (4)

delightful (1)




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