Rhythm of Life

Image courtesy of www.skattertech.com

Image courtesy of http://www.skattertech.com

Shrill noise shatters the idyllic peace of night
My body snuggled
under layers and trapping
Fumbling hands in blurred semi-darkness
Pressing buttons madly

Ah blessed peace.
I am awake now
I think
I think

I blink and blink again
8 am…
Must have been a long blink
I could’ve sworn it was 6:10
My stupor dissipates
I sit up in alarm
Cold and migraine connect
with a near audible snap

Shower, Crap…no clean pants in sight
Scrambling more
Keys, keys, where are my keys

In the front door.
Hungrier than the trix rabbit
Silly rabbit, want but you will never have it

As the rhythm of life kicks in
School, schoolwork, work school, work, work
don’t forget to breathe
Don’t forget to eat, sleep then back to
school, schoolwork, work school, work, work

I’m late again
can’t bring myself to care
This morning, tomorrow morning
Any morning


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