Black Roses

Black Rose by AlchemistofDarkness

Black Rose by AlchemistofDarkness

 The roses bend and sway

Upturned faces to the sun

Magnificent in the fiery blaze of youth

Passion, warmth, beauty in their petals

Beauty, they are beauty

The sight and smell of them bring joy.


The roses bend and sway

Following, in faithful adoration

The path of light

As the earth spins prettily in her dance.

A fragile petal floats to the ground

But the rose still shines.


Short-lived lives

Irony lurks in the edges of truth

That the rose symbolizes passion

And love.


The rose lay dying

Her body, stiff and bent with age.

I can’t save her.

Stripped of defense and dignity

Her vibrancy turns morbid and still

Her light fades to darkness

Her bright joy now lives in faded memory.


That rose was once a thing of beauty.

And once, so was I.


4 thoughts on “Black Roses

  1. JASStudios,Symbolic

    Feeling Froggy

    Just a frog sitting on a lily pad.
    Here I sit amongst this
    Pleasant water garden
    teeming with life.
    Friends of mine swimming on by
    without so much as saying hi
    it’s okay I just wink my eye
    maybe I’ll take a flying leap
    if not just to wet my beak
    quickly I swim to avoid predators
    let me get back to my pad.
    A slip of the tongue I catch a meal
    just a frog sitting on a lily pad,
    no big deal
    copyright 2009by Joseph Anthony Sanchez
    Excerpt from; See Through Me Again

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