Pretty Black River

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image courtesy of


Oh mommy! Look at the pretty black river!

So many colors!

It’s gold and purple and blue and…

Mommy, can I go swimming?


Please! Oh please… I want to go swimming!

It looks so pretty.

And happy too. Can’t you hear it laughing?

Oh well. Can I taste it mommy?

It feels so good on my feet.


No mommy! I don’t want to go home yet. Can we stay?

A little bit longer?

Aww, I like the pretty black river.

Do you know where the water will go? I mean…

Where will it flow?


Oh wow, mommy how does it get all the way there?


Oh, maybe we can go home now.

I don’t feel so good… I think I’m going to…

Throw up…

Mommy? Was blood supposed to be in my stomach?

Some came out.

I’m sorry I didn’t listen…

I was so thirsty and I drank some water from the river…

Am I going to die?


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