A sadder poem

picture courtesy of deviant art; artist: lonely pierot

The sadder than saddest poem
~Inspired by: Pablo Neruda ~ The saddest poem
I can sing a song sadder than the saddest song, sadder than the saddest poem
And for the same reason but it feels worse
I loved him and lost him before I loved him and as I loved him
Curling into a bed grown cold, huddling, shivering, in hope to thaw the ice grown in my soul
Maybe I loved him more because I never loved him at all
Or perhaps it was because I’d always loved him
Saddest because though I loved him and know it was returned
I could never speak the words
The sun sets in glorious blaze of oranges, gold, and blue
Blue, oh the saddest poem for I have the blues
The sun sinking into the waters, extinguished
How could I not have loved him?
How could I not have loved him?
Drowned in chocolate eyes, touched and tasted the caramel of his skin
The voice that exfoliated my spirit, smoothing my rough edges… filling me within
How could I not love him
Though he challenged me on every level
I no longer love him, or perhaps I only dream that I don’t
But how much better I am for having loved, what matter if I shouldn’t, couldn’t or wont.
I can write a poem, sadder than the saddest poem
The sun set, its splendor long gone but the deep of blue remains.
To think, I loved him. To know, I never had him
My soul… so lost without him
He was my soul.


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