1984 to…


From 1984 to… lifetime, my lifetime

The time it took for it to become true that:

War is peace

Truth is lies

Slavery is freedom


Constant war is peace if nothing else is ever known

Slavery is freedom from the requirements of decision and consequence

Truth is a lie. It is the lie of omission

Telling the truth, half the truth, and nothing but half the truth






Big brother is watching, can find me anywhere I go

When I work, when I buy, when I answer my cell and enter the matrix

In the name of national security, video camera silent and ever presently locked on me

A too fragile document, all that shields me…


Next we’ll have a hate week. Two minutes of hate…

Two minutes too long

But there are various hours of hate: the 10, 11, 12 o’clock news

A science fiction novel, eerily close to coming true

The state of the world, the path we’re being led to

War is peace.

Truth is lies

Slavery is freedom,

2+2=5 and why?

Because big brother said so.


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