Acknowledge the Raven


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Acknowledge the Raven ~A tribute

Quarter past a midnight dreary, while I pondered, calm and clearly

Over “many a quaint and curious volume of forgotten lore”

As a colleague in his madness, as a student of his sadness, I critique here with no gladness

A poet I’d revered and loved so dearly before

A poet in sorrow for the lost Lenore, when the raven said “Nevermore.”

Oh the sorrow felt for that “rare and radiant maiden whom the angels named Lenore”

To be driven mad by stately raven who spoke the word, “Nevermore” 

Rendered mad by raven perched on Pallas above chamber door

Death and madness quote Nevermore, for it was only this and nothing more.

But does not the raven cast his fearsome shadow above all chamber doors?

For the raven is, us all, surely minding. His time so patiently biding

His presence he is not hiding, not hiding from our chamber doors

but oh so patiently biding, his business intently minding, til the day your life begins winding

winding down to the sleep you’ve experienced once before. Visible, now reminding of the end you felt such crippling fear of, for…

Waiting patiently to speak the word, i quote the raven “Nevermore.”

Why fear when the raven leads to “rare and radiant Lenore?”

Why indeed when raven leads to your love of now and evermore?

Unless your love perhaps be not as strong as before? And you love the maiden “rare and radiant” no longer and nevermore?

That rare and radiant maiden whom the angels name Lenore…

Though in truth she be nameless here, nameless now and nevermore!

But the fact is, you sir, were mad before…

Mad before the raven perched on bust of pallas above your chamber door and mad before that visitor came tapping and e’er so gently rapping, mad before the embers wrought their ghosts upon the floor

And quite likely mad before you loved and lost the lady named Lenore

And certainly you were mad before, I quoth the raven, “Nevermore.”

copyright 2002 ~ M. Aviles


2 thoughts on “Acknowledge the Raven

    • Oh thank you. I’m glad you liked it 🙂 I tried to re-publish it but I seem to be having some trouble. It just will not let me do it. I’ll get it up as soon as I figure out what I’m doing wrong.

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