Thoughts on poetry and “What teachers make”

No man was ever yet a great poet, without being at the same time a profound philosopher. ~Samuel Taylor Coleridge

Poetry is, to me, an attempt to convey impressions of life. There are poems about everything and just about anything one could imagine. The greatest of poets seem to have one thing in common. They clarify and put into words, the deepest feelings and fears we have. I wrote my first poem in the 2nd grade. It was for a school-wide contest and my teacher, Ms. Gomez encouraged me. I wrote about love. You may wonder what a 6 year old knows about love, but I think you’d be surprised.  

This is what I wrote:

I love you, I love you

Like candy in the sky

Sugar sweet like everything you could eat

My love for you is as rich as a chocolate bar

And warm as the midnight stars

I love you, I love you

Lol, not bad for 6 but I think I’ve come pretty far since then. But anyway, I didn’t win.

In fact, I placed 2nd because the judges decided that I couldn’t possibly have written it on my own.

I did.

However, Ms. Gomez introduced me to poetry and we have been inseparable ever since. So thank you, Ms. Gomez! I dedicate this video to you.

Video: Taylor Mali ~ What teachers make, Aired on Def Poetry Jam


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