Viva La Revolution!

Poets have been mysteriously silent on the subject of cheese.  ~G.K. Chesterton
*lol… One day, I will have to write an ode to mozzarella*

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Viva la Revolution

Poets and youths speak about the revolution.
Activists fighting the “powers that be”
And the spirit of the sixties is alive
In sporadic groups of people who fail to see
That today’s revolution is not the
Revolution that our elders saw.
It is not free love and peace signs
It is not marches and sit ins.

It is seen most clearly when tightly closed minds
Crack open
Because a beautiful mind is one
Unafraid to learn something new
Unafraid to re-evaluate and if needed, adjust.
A beautiful mind is unashamed of its beliefs
Strong enough to allow others to do the same.
Because the world
changes when someone finds the balls to act
Or has the brains to let reason prevail

So long live the revolution!
A revolution where minds spring
Open like clamshells to reveal the splendor within.
Where thought gives birth to speech
And speech, pregnant with meaning
Explodes into activity
Because the “squeaky wheel gets the oil”
And “closed mouths don’t get fed”
Like every other cliché
Over-quoted and true
Raise your voice and be heard.
Even if your voice is the earth
That smothers a flame.

copyright 2009 ~ M. Aviles


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